10 Best Free Chatstep Alternatives in 2022

Best Free Chatstep Alternatives

There are multiple communication channels over the internet, and ChatStep is one of them. It’s a website that allows the user to chat and share pictures in an online chatroom.


ChatStep is a well-known platform for making online chatting at both individual and group levels. The user is allowed to create their own chat group or join the existing ones and start chatting and collaborating with others.

You do not have to create an account that means a user can use the website anonymously or use a nickname. However, the private messenger and photo sharing option did require the user to create an account. This popular chat site lets you connect with so many people at the same time and is used for online meetings, chatting, and other purposes.

In this post, we will look at various sites like Chatstep.

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Top Chatstep Alternatives

1 – Chatzy

Chatzy-Chatstep alternative

Chatzy is an interesting free online Chatstep alternative that offers the private chatroom service to its users. It allows users to create their dedicated chat rooms, invite other people by email and start chatting without any limitation.

Chatzy is an ad-free service that lets you enjoy chat without experiencing annoying ads. It is available online and does not require any registration or pre-installed software.

One of the best parts is that you always need to grant permission if someone wishes to join your chatroom. No more spam chat in your chatroom!     

2 – E-Chat


Our next pick is E-Chat. It provides a chatroom that you can use without any restrictions. This website allows you to chat with someone privately without the fear of your conversation shown to someone else.

It provides free and anonymous access to its users. Also, you are allowed to meet new people who hold the same interests that you have.

Overall, E-Chat is a trustworthy and straightforward space where you don’t need to feel concerned about someone peeping into your messages!

3 – ShockRooms

ShockRooms-sites like ChatStep

ShockRooms is many users’ favorite picks among the various sites like ChatStep. It provides free webcam chat rooms where you can start communicating with others.

The interface of this website is quite good. It is completely clean and represents a decent look to users. This platform comes with a range of facilities as it offers its visitors with both text and video chat with people all over the globe. It allows you to hide your identity and chat anonymously.

There are dedicated chat rooms that are open for all users to enter. Just simply enter the chat room and start chatting in no time.

4 – OMGChat


Another platform that you may like is OMGChat. It is one of the best social video communicating and chatting websites that you can use from any part of the world.

The website contains a big chatting community so that visitors can communicate easily with people across the globe instantly.

On this platform, you can find different cultures and interests of people. With OMGChat, you can video call or chat with strangers, friends, or family members for free of cost.

Above all, OMGChat lets you watch four live webcams, and also you can invite other people to start chatting with you in a private mode.  

5 – Kandan

Kandan-Top Chatstep Alternatives

Kandan is an open-source and secure platform for communicating with friends, family, or team members. The good thing is it doesn’t require the installation of additional plugins.

It is a safe, fast, and stable communication platform to expand your chat group. Another perk is it is available for most of the web browsers. Just open your favorite browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, create an account, and start chatting with your beloved ones.

Kandan also supports many devices like Heroku, Cloud Foundry, Amazon Web Services, appfog, etc. So if you don’t want to use it via online platforms, you can simply go with these devices.

6 – ChatSecure


ChatSecure is another one of the best Chatstep alternative sites. This communication platform takes care of the security and safety of your messages or chats. It is a highly secure and free messaging platform that is supported by OTR encryption over XMPP.

This decentralized, free chatting platform lets users communicate with one another in total privacy in all its chatrooms and join existing-ones.

To become a member or to be able to use the chat features of ChatSecure, users can sign up or login using their Google accounts.

7 – Zobe


If you want to connect with strangers, friends, and family without much effort, Zobe is a platform for you. It offers various easy and handy tools and chatrooms that you enjoy.  The site also has a wide category of users to meet.

It’s a place where you have a chat with random people on any topic like music, entertainment, politics, etc. Also, no user registration required for utilizing the services.

8 – Cyph


This Chatstep alternative provides its visitors with a secure and safe chatting environment. Your friends can easily communicate with you as there is no need to download any software or deal with any registration process.

You only need to send the link of Cyph to your current friends with whom you want to chat, and the actual procedure of chatting begins instantly.

You can also make encrypted messaging and file sharing with others without feeling any threat or getting afraid of hackers.

An easy to navigate interface and its compatibility with your devices make Cyph the best choice.

9 – ZChat

ZChat-Chatstep similar sites

Another platform that supports chatting from almost all countries is ZChat. It has a clean, user-friendly, and decent-looking interface. This platform provides you a smooth chatting experience from both mobile and web browsers of the desktop.

Dedicated customer support helps you to know how to use the site correctly. Moreover, your data is saved on your own database, and you are protected from any kind of online abuse or spam while using this website.

10 – ChatIW                        


Our last pick is ChatIW, an excellent and good site to meet many new people. Similar to many other sites like Chatstep on this list, no registration is required on this platform.  You can directly start the public chat room and answer fundamental questions such as a nickname, gender, age, etc.

Thie site provides you the maximum functionality to simplify the search for contacts and discussion in real-time.

Moreover, there are so many features that you can enjoy only after completing the registration process like you can send and receive unlimited text messages, multimedia messages, and send locations.

Final Words

If you want to get the best ChatStep alternatives, you should try the options above. Using these sites, you can enjoy chat with strangers and make new friends from the world.