AudiobookBay Alternatives: 9 Best Free Sites to Download Audio Books

AudiobookBay Alternatives

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]T[/su_dropcap]hanks to Audiobooks for providing us access to eBooks and other famous books without spending any money. AudiobookBay is one of the best free-of-charge audiobook providers with more than thousands of books to choose from. It’s a web-based service with millions of users around the world who can use it to download their favorite stories.


Audiobookbay is safe to use. You can also share all your favorite books with friends, family, and colleagues in minutes. In addition, the website has vast stuff that is regular updated to deliver more and the latest things. The books available on the site are from multiple categories such as Action, Adventure, Art, Businesses, Crime, Romance, Funny, and lots of others. Other features include multiple languages, trending content, a user-friendly interface, and much more.

In today’s post, we will see Audiobookbay alternative sites to download free audiobooks.

Best AudiobookBay Alternatives to Download Audio Books

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1 – Open Culture

Open Culture-AudiobookBay Alternatives

The first and most reliable AudiobookBay alternative is Open Culture. It has hundreds of audiobook selections that are free to download or stream online. This popular platform lets you download ebooks and audiobooks that you can share with others.

The best thing about the website is it offers a language course starting from scratch. Languages include English, Chinese, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, and many more. There are over a thousand online courses for free, textbooks, movies, and even business courses.

You may like other core features: the titles of the audiobook are organized alphabetically, books and audiobooks in different languages, user-friendly interface, well-arranged content, etc.

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2 – LibriVox


Another big player is LibriVox that offers around 8,000 titles without spending any money. The website lets you download free audiobooks of different genres.

Besides, the website provides users with the popular books and contents which are lesser available on some major websites of this same segment.

The major perk is you can listen to audiobooks in your native tongue as LibriVox provides audiobooks in 35 languages.

Also, you can download them, read them, stream them through your iOS and Android apps or even burn them to a CD.

Most of the content is free of charge. For more audiobook choices, there’s a premium subscription plan you can opt for at a small fee.

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3 – Audible

Audible-audiobookbay alternative

Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say Audible is one of the best places where you can access plenty of audiobooks. This audiobookbay alternative offers excellent features to its users and helps them to search for their favorite eBooks they are looking for.

Audible is known for its quality and variety. Also, this platform has all kinds of trending audiobooks and eBooks. Users of this site can get 1-month free trial where they can access any audiobook of their choice, and in addition, can download two original Audible audiobooks.

If you are an active Amazon user or have Amazon accounts, then you don’t need to create another. Just sign-in with the same and choose the content of your choice.

The best part is that Audible has a return policy, meaning unsatisfied customers can return their orders for free exchange.

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4 – Storynory


Storynory is another best option if you are looking for content that is all about kids.  The website has a massive selection of audiobooks with kid-friendly genres such as fairy tales, myths, poems, and even educational materials.

The narrators on this website are good at delivering content that kids can always enjoy. Audiobook stories are also narrated in a way that kids may find interesting and exciting.

Storynory is a great source of stories for parents looking for different ways to keep their kids entertained.

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5 – Hoopla

Hoopla-best alternative to Audiobookbay

This is a website that collaborates with local public libraries. You only need a valid library card and use it in a public library that supports Hoopla.

Hoopla known for its great selection of audiobooks and digital media. The website allows users to stream audiobooks, movies, ebooks, TV shows, and music. There’s also an option to download what you want to borrow to enjoy offline.

In addition, the audiobook titles or whatever digital media you have borrowed will be automatically returned when your loan period is up. You can access the website on iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, etc.

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6 –


Digitalbook is another Audiobookbay alternative and a decent platform to explore a plethora of audiobooks and allow users to download them. This website was first known as Librophile.

Some of the content here comes with a fee, but you can still download a vast selection of great audiobooks that are free of charge.

The website has an excellent user interface that allows easy access to your favorite audiobooks without any hassle. Besides, the contents are arranged into categories that also make searching for audiobooks easy. You can find the content you are seeking by simply filtering through the right categories.

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7 – Loyal Books

Loyal Books

Loyal Books, also known as Books Should Be Free, is a free audiobook platform that allows users to enjoy and use audiobooks without even spending a tiny amount.

The content on the site is focused on Children’s Literature, Fantasy, and Mystery. It has more than 24000 free audiobooks, which are regularly updated with the latest trends.

You can either browse this website’s selection by clicking the top 100 audiobooks or by searching your favorite audiobook’s title, author, or keyword.

If you are a fan of classical books, Loyal Books is the right place for you.

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8 – Lit2Go


Lit2Go is an audiobook provider platform that has the largest online collection of poems and stories (children’s literature) in audiobook format.

The best feature that sets it apart from other audiobook resources is that it has a massive collection of rare poetry audiobooks that you can’t get from other similar websites.

The audiobooks have also been categorized into genres like Adventure, Science Fiction, Satire and Tragedy, collections like Monstrous Creatures, African American Literature, or Books Made Into Movies.

Moreover, users can download PDF formats of audiobooks that can be used in learning settings. You can easily navigate the website and find titles you are looking for.

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9 – Thought Audio

Thought Audio

Our last alternative to Audiobook Bay is Thought Audio that has a massive library focusing on audiobooks that offer wisdom from various religions, philosophical works, and prayers. This audiobook is all about self-improvement.

The website also contains a collection of hot titles that regularly update to deliver all the trending stuff. One of the best things is it offers audio and document to read and listen to your favorite books. Moreover, it enables users to download PDF formats of audiobooks.

A vast collection of books, new postings, comment section, user-friendly interface, regular update, etc., are some excellent features that make this site users favorite.

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Final Words

We hope you liked above mentioned AudiobookBay alternatives. If you just want to read your favorite books or listen to some good content, you can choose any of those websites. There’s a lot of content in each site that you may like and enjoy, of course.