Six Tips To Win In Warzone Season 3

Six Tips To Win In Warzone Season 3

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]I[/su_dropcap]f you enjoyed Warzone 2, this new season would blow your mind. Warzone season 3 has improved graphics and dozens of new contents. Some exciting ones include Power Grab, the Combat Bow killstreak, ballistic knife, several Verdansk map changes, and more. However interesting this sounds, you’ll encounter more difficult challenges as the level progresses.


This shouldn’t be a cause for worry since there are varieties of available Warzone wallhacks to simplify and shorten the learning curve. Moreover, we have six useful tips that can enhance your experience with Warzone Season 3. So, find the below and start the game kicking.

How to Win in Season 3

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1. Understand Verdansk

Now that a new kid is in the block, you have to pay attention before jumping into the game. You probably had some good spots and areas working for you in season 2. But now find the new ones since the game has made some changes. Identifying the changes on the map is crucial to planning your combat strategy. It will first help your landing and also tell you how to move around Verdansk.

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2. Make a smart landing

The place you land determines your survival. Many players argue that early landing is the best, and hot landing gifts you with the best loot. Even if all that is true, landing hot exposes you to danger because those best loot spots are usually filled with advanced players. Therefore, think about your fighting skills and available weapon before confronting them. If you can’t fight them, land somewhere safer and loot gradually.

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3. Prepare your fighting tools.

The weapons you fight with should be your priority. If you’re playing with a team, you also need to plan their loadouts too. This is to avoid a weak link in your plan. Remember, the loadout you customize will equip you with amazing perks, tactical equipment, and grenades beside the guns, which are important. Many pro players recommend using the CR-56 AMAX gun in season 3. Another gun to add is the Krig 6 Gun because you can easily control its recoil and deal a lot of damage on your target. Also, add KAR98K since it has a good range both in close-range and sniping targets. Don’t forget to add SWISS K31 and the LC10 gun too.

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4. Utilize the Vehicles

Thankfully, season 3 allows players to push with vehicles. If you want to grab the best positions, use the right vehicle, such as a truck, to push your team. As you move, make sure that you’re dropping the team members in those strategic locations to ensure a competitive edge over the enemies. Another important use of the truck is to distract and create a diversion for the team. If one of you is driving the truck around, the enemies won’t notice that your team members already occupy the perfect locations on the map. So, after dropping everyone and distracting the enemies, jump down and run for your dear life. Thankfully, the players you dropped earlier will cover you by shooting at the enemies.

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5. Don’t be a wanderer

Unless you’re playing warzone 3 solo , don’t start moving on your own. Some players make one of the biggest mistakes of running off to attack enemies all by themselves. Instead, you must specifically communicate your plan of attack to your teammates if you intend to assault another team. In this case, your teammates are required to follow suit.

Your teammates may think you’re close by when you’re off in the next building and may engage in an attack. As a result, they end up outnumbered, thereby causing damages to the squad. Your steam, likewise, should pay attention to the absence of teammates. However, this often times is not possible in the heat of action; hence, communication at all times is vital.

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6. Avoid meaningless fights

If you want to win, make sure you avoid meaningless fights. The truth is that the number of kills you gain in Warzone 3 doesn’t matter. So if you waste time shooting or fighting carelessly, you’ll attract deadly attention to your team. Instead, avoid fights whenever possible and only engage when you want to protect your lives. Since the TTK in this season is low, try to keep your strength intact for the final battle.

So, instead of fighting, start moving towards the safe zone so you can avoid the dangers of rushing to cross the bridge or river. Also, make sure you identify the final circle location earlier as you move. Another important thing is never to run straight but clockwise or counterclockwise with the closing circle. You don’t want to be killed easily.

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Warzone season 3 presents new challenges for players. Also, many things have changed, especially on the map too. That means those places or spots you were comfortable with the previous season might not be the same anymore. So, take your time to study the map and prepare your positioning and movement. Then prepare your weapons and push the team with vehicles. Don’t forget to play alongside your teammates and always meaningless fights.