How Businesses Use SOCKS5 Proxies

How Businesses Use SOCKS5 Proxies

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]E[/su_dropcap]ach well-established business will secure its internet traffic with either a proxy service or a VPN. It has become somewhat of a necessity for companies to hide the IP address with proxies and VPNs for numerous reasons.


In the first lines, adequate proxy services are incorporated in a business to secure and mask the IP address. Next, they allow web scraping to be accomplished freely and without blockages.

We’ll now delve further into why web scraping is the best source of data and information essential for each business. Namely, each company needs to gather big chunks of data from different websites fast.

Web scraping comes in handy here because it gathers data from target websites fast, relieving from manually doing it. In the process of web scraping, proxies are the ones that make all the workflow travel freely.

Numerous businesses have tried out the SOCKS5 proxy to evade geo-blockages from target websites. These geo-blockages make web scraping a strenuous task because they block particular users from entering sites based on their location.

An adequate proxy service will allow you to enter any website and gather data regardless of your current location – that’s their job. Now, let’s take a deeper look into how proxies work, what different types of them are available, and meet the SOCKS5 proxy service in detail.

Proxies as a concept

Equipping any company with a proxy server will enable a secure flow of data on the internet between two or more protocols. A proxy server acts as an intermediary server between an end-user client and a designated destination on the internet they wish to visit.

What proxies provide is excellent functionality, privacy, security, and saving of time. A proxy will ensure that all your internet traffic flows without interruptions and reach your chosen target address.

After you reach an address, it will come back to you through your new proxy server. Finally, all the data you have scraped from a particular website will travel safely to your server, and you will be content with the gathered data. Yes, it’s that simple.

Not all proxies are the same

There are four different types of proxy servers with various key features:

  • HTTP proxy server – can process only one-way requests web pages that use HTTP protocols;
  • SSL proxy server – made for enabling requests of web pages through the concept of TCP relaying;
  • FTP proxy server – works through the method of relaying and caches FTP requests;
  • SOCKS proxy server – the one that enables connection to a particular server. This server is the only proxy server that works on multilayering of data that come in the form of UDP or TCS;

Based on these features, it is evident that each different type of proxy server uses other routing protocols and anonymity levels. Let’s see what makes SOCKS5 best.

What is a SOCKS5 proxy?

A SOCKS5 proxy is more flexible than an HTTP proxy which works only on an HTTP protocol. Consequently, a company can use SOCKS5 proxy for all other non-web services such as ICQ, Tor, FTP, Usenet, and Skype.

At its very core, a SOCKS5 proxy is an internet protocol that can route network packets between a server and a client through its proxy server. The connection will be secure, and nobody could track what you are sending or receiving from data.

A SOCKS5 will hide your IP, which makes it a server with complete anonymity. It will protect all your traffic and requests for DNS, and you can even use it for some special needs like PayPal or AdWords.

Their IP will become the SOCKS server’s IP, enabling real-time communication and anonymity for those who use webmail. It’s also what distinguishes SOCKS5 from all other proxy servers mentioned above.

Business use for SOCKS5

Businesses use a proxy server for marketing and geo-targeting mostly. Most work across borders to check the economic climate elsewhere and examine each competition market. Since online barriers do exist – a proxy is crucial to go around these geo-blockages.

The second very convenient use of proxies in businesses is gathering data and analyzing the collected data. Every web scraping action for gathering data must be accurate and safe, which a proxy service can ensure.

Next, ensuring that all your data appears only in your designated places will enable you to build a good marketing strategy. Namely, this SEO monitoring of proxies will grant you access to any country’s IP, ISP, and ASN.


Having explained in great detail why proxies are crucial for every well-established company, we hope you will consider SOCKS5 or other proxy services before you perform any task online. Sometimes finding an exemplary proxy service can be challenging – but don’t stop searching and take a look at the Oxylabs SOCKS5 proxy.

Proxies are used worldwide and should be a must when running any type of business. The basics of proxies, their different types, and the benefits of SOCKS5 proxy show that web scraping and secure internet traffic can’t work properly without a proxy.